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The Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival is over and we are back home in PIttsburgh. Now it’s time to look back at the event and search the internet for images, videos, and blog posts about it.

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First up is my thoughts on this years event. If I had to sum up everything in to one word it would be “big”. Even though this year had fewer bacon purveyors, they made up for it with the addition of 15 restaurants (a festival first). The venue was also bigger than last year, spanning two floors. The lower floor was a huge open court yard. You can see what I mean in some of the photos found in the links below. This year’s Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival proved once again, bigger is always better.

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During the event, Seth Hall, a member of the Iowa Bacon Board, asked me, “If I could change one thing about the event, what would it be”? To me the answer is simple: More. More bacon, more beers, and more restaurants. I could see the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival being the place national and local restaurants launch new bacon products. Like a Macworld for bacon.

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Every year they reinvent themselves and some how take an already great event and make it better. I feel that within a few years this will be the food festival that everyone else will try to imitate. It’s turning into the perfect mix of bacon convention and bacon party!

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If you wonder what I thought about the food, I will be writing a separate post about that later this week.

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Now its time to see what everyone else had to say about the event. This year its been a little easier collecting all the content that spawned from the festival. Catchfire Media, the guys that run the festivals twitter and Facebook accounts, and I teamed up and used the same hashtag (#BRBF4) for everything. This made it simple to stay up to date on what was happening at the event, and now people are using it to share their thoughts on how great the event was. You can also find event feedback on their Facebook page.

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Here is a list of photos, videos, and blog posts I found so far from the event:

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If you find any coverage that I missed please let me know so I can add it to the list. This is such a big event that I can’t cover every part of it myself, so I’d like to thank everyone that helps add to this list.

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Beth and I can’t wait to see what they have planned for next year. All I know so far is that they want to double it in size again! Think about it, 3,000 bacon lovers all in one place. With that many of us in one location we can change the world!

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Enjoy bacon and see you next year!

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The photo above of (from left to right) Mr. Baconpants, Randi, (soon to be) Mrs. Baconpants, and Dan was taken by Maharry Photography.

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