The Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival Sponsored by Beggin’ Strips is giving away 4 festival tickets to the person or group that comes up with the most bacony song ever composed. The winning artist(s) will also have the opportunity to perform their song live at the festival! Here’s how bacon fans can enter:

  1. Write and perform an original song about bacon (under 2 minutes, please)
  2. Upload a performance video to YouTube and post it to the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival Facebook Page
  3. The Iowa Bacon Board will choose the best song/video
  4. The winning song/video’s performers will receive a total of 4 free tickets to the 4th Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival Sponsored by Beggin’ Strips AND the opportunity to perform the song live at the festival!

All entries must be posted to Facebook by Thursday, February 17 with the winning song announced on Friday, February 18! Those who wish to enter but do not have a Facebook account can still enter the contest by emailing the YouTube link to

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