It is now time to talk about those evil farmers. They dedicated 6 pages to telling and showing all the horrible ways cute little piggies, chickens, cows and fish are treated in slaughter houses. Did you know that these animals are born, then put in cages, fed until they grow big enough and then, (this is the worst part) killed so you can enjoy a hotdog?

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Of course you knew that, because you’re not 5 years old. (And if you are 5 years old and are learning this for the first time, deal with it, and oh yea and Santa’s not real) PETA seems to think that anyone that eats meat is some kind of retarded caveman that doesn’t actually know where pork chops come from.

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We all know what happens to animals in slaughter houses but do we really need PETA at every event handing out flyers showing a gutted chicken? PETA’s whole strategy is to gross you out and guilt you into not eating meat. But does this even work?

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I personally have no problem watching them burn the hair off of a pig’s corpse as I enjoy a large BLT, but I know that not all people handle the sight of blood the same. Even someone that becomes physically sick over these pictures is more than likely going to swing by the McDonalds drive thru and order a double cheese burger when their appetite comes back.

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Meat eaters have matured past the time of kindergarten and Disney movies and have gone on to accept the natural order of the food chain. As children, Vegan’s watched way too much Bambi and Charlotte’s Web. Now they can’t walk past a deli counter without crying.

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But the Vegan child doesn’t stop there. Just like a little kid, they want everything to be their way and if it’s not they have a temper tantrum. But were a kid’s temper tantrum is a bunch of stomping and crying, the temper tantrum of a full grown Vegan man child includes but is not limited to; protesting, screaming, censorship, destroying privet property, and in some extreme cases causing personal injury and risking lives.

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If a person decides for whatever reason to become a Vegetarian or Vegan that’s fine. It’s their life and in this country you are free to live how you see fit. We just don’t need you getting in people’s faces and yelling lies about your lifestyle trying to convert others. Just sit back and eat your Veggie-burger and shut up.

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Tune in next week for “Let Me Soy You Something”.

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Read more about the evil Vegan Agenda!

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By Sean Brett

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2 Responses to The Vegan Agenda Part 3: Farmers from Hell

  1. Aaron says:

    This makes me want a venison-wrapped rabbit. Then wrap that in bacon and stuff it in a turkey. Hell yeah.

  2. Jason Mosley says:

    Haha! That sounds strangely amazing!

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