Last night one Bacon LIVE Sean brought up an article he found online about s’mores recipes and one of them was called the Elvis. It’s a known fact that any recipe that has Elvis in the name always includes bananas, peanut butter, and sometimes bacon.

Well today I would like to share with you another recipe called the Elvis, this one is a banana injected with bacon and peanut Butter, then fried in butter and brown sugar.

The recipe was created by Tracy the owner of a blog called “I hate my message board”. Her post about how she created this recipe was pretty funny. She was basically making it up as she went along. This is my favorite part of the recipe:

Step 6 Try to get the bacon peanut butter into the banana. This would prove to be more difficult.

If you wondering she was inspired to do this after seeing a Nutella stuffed banana online.

Check out her blog for the full recipe, photos, and humor. I really like reading about people having fun with cooking. Especially when it involves bacon!

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2 Responses to Banana Injected with Bacon and Peanut Butter

  1. Tracy says:

    Hi! Thanks for sharing my recipe and the nice complements. I guess you missed the recipe I did where I wrapped pupa in bacon. ;-p

  2. Jason Mosley says:

    Yeah! Thanks to a reader I just found your blog so I didn’t have time to snoop around yet. I will have to see if I can find that one too!

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