After reading an article entitled “I’ll have a BLT – no bacon, lettuce or tomato”, it has come to my attention that Vegans (my nemesis) think the world revolves around them. They go into restaurants that only serve fish and meat and ask for the dishes to magically become Vegan friendly.

I don’t understand why they think this is okay. I don’t go into Vegan restaurants and ask for my food to be cooked in butter or god forbid I ask for a strip of bacon. I would get whats on the menu if I was ever in one.

Now I know what you think, “They have dietary needs and it will not kill you to eat a celery stick”.

You have a point, but my point is don’t go to a steak house if you can’t eat meat.

That article I mentioned above stated that some patrons were going to pizzerias and asking for a pizza that contained no wheat, dairy, or sugar. I guess they wanted a piece of cardboard with some kosher sea salt and lawn clippings.

When I go to a restaurant, I go there for a chef to cook for me. I want to try what he wants me to try, I want to eat the food the way he wants me to eat it. I want an experience when I go out to eat, and I have learned to trust a good chef.

I would never question the thought and the time that must go in to creating the prefect menu. I would never pretend to know more than the chef that created it. Just like I would not deface a painting created by a master artist, I would NEVER deface the work of a chef. Food is edible art.

It’s okay to ask for some items to be left out because of allergies, but that’s really the only excuse to have a menu item changed. Other than that, you should just eat up and shut up. You never know, you might end up liking something you thought you could live without.

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One Response to Vegans think the world revolves around them

  1. I agree; never did care for the “Tude” Vegans or Vegetarians for that matter seem to have. It’s not that I don’t respect their right not to eat Bacon, but seriously that’s their problem.

    So why do they make a big deal about it?

    I grew up with Vegetarians in the family (yeah tofurkey – give me a break). I’m still upset that we couldn’t have bacon in our Green Beans!

    And I’ve known far too many Vegans who drink beer; look either your a vegan or your not!

    Poor helpless defenseless yeast!

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