Two weeks in a row Sean and I have had trouble with the beginning of the show. Luckily both times the problem was headphones, so hopefully next week we have it fixed. The moral of the story is don’t buy headphones at a discount store.

We started off the show talking about a post that Sean wrote about a ban on salt in processed foods. You will be able to read the post tomorrow morning. We then moved on to less depressing things like bacon art and novelties.

We also had a special Robot appearance, not sure where he came from but he may be back next week to help us out with the intro. Who knows?

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4 Responses to Bacon LIVE: Intro Difficulties Yet Again

  1. Meghan S says:

    Last night, I could totally hear you guys through the walls, lol. I was in there putting up the color wall for the baby and could pretty much hear everything you were saying. Even the robot interaction! Good to know we don’t share the thin wall with our bedrooms. Ha! I don’t think John Ross will care too much and maybe he’ll grow up loving bacon!

  2. Jason Mosley says:


    That’s funny. Well we record the show live every Wednesday nights at 7pm, so I hope baby will not be napping at that time. I would hate to wake him up.

    Hope to see you in the chatroom sometime 😉

    I need to talk to you guys about adding bacon wings to the menu at Big Shots. I have every flavor of bacon salt so I am sure we could figure out the best combo. Harris Grill used to have them on the menu and they were great.

    There is also a bacon flavored hot sauce that I hear is good. So you could have bacon hot wings too.

  3. bacon knight says:

    First off it looks like you have a problem spelling intro. Second I would like to go on record as saying that the headphones would have worked for the intro had mosley actually plugged them in.

  4. Jason Mosley says:

    The reason I couldn’t plug them in was because the shielding around the plug was down to far. I had to push it back but how was I to know that. That part doesn’t move on most headphones. Is that a feature?

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