Over the past few weeks I have been doing some freelance blogging for Touch Arcade, one of my favorite iPhone gaming blogs. I have been waiting for a game to come out that made sense to post on this blog so I could tell you about my new gig. Well last week that game came out and it is called Super Turbo Action Pig.

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Super Turbo Action Pig is a single button avoidance game. The object of the game is to avoided obstacles that want to turn you into sausage (I wish it was bacon). Check out the games trailer to see what I am talking about.

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I have been playing the game a lot and I really enjoy it. That art and humor that’s featured in the game is really what makes it. My only complaint is I wish I was the villain in the game and I was trying to turn Super Turbo Action Pig in to Super Bacon!

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If you are a fan of pickup and play games, and a lover of pork, than I would suggest you check out this game in the App Store (only .99). For me it’s taken the place of Doodle Jump when I only have a few minutes to kill.

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If you have an iPhone or ipod Touch and enjoy gaming, be sure to follow my posts over at Touch Arcade. I am the new guy over there so seeing a few familiar faces in my comments would be nice.

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