It’s Music Monday! Which means its time for me to bore you with another band I enjoy. This week I want to share with you a band that I feel in love with after just hearing their single “Crown on the Ground” once. The band is called Sleigh Bells and they are one of indie rocks most hyped bands of the moments. ABC News even did a segment about them on Amplified.

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I love the bands loud lo-fi sound and catchy rhythms. Their songs make you want to get up and dance around like you just don’t care. Dancing to this music is a mix of hardcore kid metal orbs style and indie kid wiggle legs style (yes I am making this stuff up). You can’t help but move to it.

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I really hope that when they release a CD it lives up to my high expectations. If they just put all the songs that are on their MySpace right now (mastered a little better) with a few other songs it would be prefect! I really don’t know how these guys could fail, they already have a good head start.

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Find more information at their MySpace and

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