If you have been cooking bacon for as long as I have you’ve probably mastered your own flipping technique. I usually use the fork for thin bacon and a spatula for the thicker variety. Well, now there is a new way to flip your bacon: finger tongs.

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Cooking Gadgets recently did a post about the Fusion Silicon Finger Tongs, they sell for about $18 on Think Geek. They say they can handle heat up to 500 degrees (that’s some pretty hot pork belly) and be washed in a dishwasher.

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I am not sure if I would ever use finger tongs to flip my favorite meat. I like the challenge of dodging splattering grease while I go in for a flip. Also since I usually cook high quality bacon the splattering is at a minimum. If I was planning to cook the cheap stuff which contains a lot of water (that causes splattering), I would think about getting these.

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Sure, you could use them for other things so they could be handy to have around. But as a bacon lover I don’t see a need for them when I enjoy my favorite food.

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3 Responses to Use your Fingers to Flip Bacon

  1. Aaron says:

    Hah I’ve never tried flipping bacon with silicon gloves, but I guess it would work. A fork/spatula is faster.

  2. baconpocket says:

    i use wooden tongs that are made for grabbing toast out of the hot toaster

  3. Cyndi L says:

    I have to say that the finger tongs don’t really appeal to me, even though I did post about them ;-) I’m like you, Jason…perfectly satisfied with my forks and spatulas.

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