Archie McPhee made a lot of bacon lovers upset when they released the Bacon Tuxedo Box without the tux. In an effort to mend the wounds McPhee has come out with the “Bacon Tuxedo Puzzle”. It’s not tux but it’s better than an empty box of lost dreams (yes I am still bitter).

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Bacon Tuxedo Puzzle – $9.95
Ham? Too casual. Meatloaf? Too retro. Make no mistake about it, bacon is the best meat for formalwear! This bizarre jigsaw puzzle features a dashing young man in a bacon tuxedo posing with his date for a prom picture. She must have been so proud. Also includes a 48 piece bonus mystery puzzle! Each 500 piece puzzle is 14″ x 18″ when assembled.

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I wonder what the 48 piece bonus prize is. I hope it’s a coupon for 48 bacon-wrapped spicy chicken nuggets from Wendy’s. It’s either that or another puzzle, which wouldn’t be as cool.

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McPhee also released the “Sunrise in Meatopia Puzzle” which is an illustration of a landscape made of meat. It could also be a representation of a vegan nightmare. In fact if I worked for them I would have called it, “Hide the lid and build this puzzle with a vegan friend, then watch them crumble in sadness as they realize they build a meatopia”. Ok, maybe my title was a little long, but it got my point across.

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Bacon and puzzle lovers finally have two puzzles they can complete with pride and satisfaction. Thanks Archie McPhee, Enjoy Bacon.

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