Every week before Bacon LIVE Sean and I have to setup up the show and cook bacon to review. Since I use the skillet method of cooking I can only cook 4 to 5 slices. I have heard of people baking bacon in the oven but I was leery of how well it worked and the safety of it.

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When we had Chef John Li on the show he told us it was not only safe but a good way to cook bacon. Well now just in case you were not already convinced I have a video created by yet another Bacon lover/expert, Scott Kveton founder of Bacn.com.

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After seeing how simple it really is in this 30 second video, Sean and I will have to give this a try. I think the only downfall is, we will have more bacon to eat. That is usually not a bad thing, but when you’re hosting a show with your mouth full of bacon it could get a little out of hand.

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One Response to How to Cook a lot of Bacon in 20 Minutes

  1. Aaron says:

    Maybe ya’ll up north just have little pans. I can get 12 slices in a pan without overlapping heh.

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