While I was catching up on my blog reading I came across a post on the Bloody Bacon and Cheese on Skulls and Bacon.

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It featured a video of these two hot girls making the drink. At one point one says “bacon rim job” and smiles at the camera. I really wanted to hate these two. I find hot girls on the internet annoying because I feel they have an unfair advantage. Some how hotness can make up for lack of humor and/or originality.

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Alie and Georgia seem to be different, after I watched the rest of their videos on YouTube I realized their both funny and original. Yes they are still slightly annoying, but they make up for it with there mildly crude humor and the use of meat as a garnish. Watch the video below to get the idea of what I mean.

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Okay so the video above didn’t feature a meat garnish but The McNuggetini does.

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I wonder if these two are going to do anything else with bacon? Given that they only seem to post a new video every month it might take awhile before we see bacon use in a drink again. I really hope that they keep using meat in every drink. I would like to see one using the juices of a steak (which is the best part) with a bread garnish. I will keep you posted on there next pork exploits.

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One Response to Alie and Georgia’s Bloody Bacon and Cheese

  1. Aaron says:

    Mmmmmm…they said “cocktail” mmmmm and “bacon rimjob” mmmmm and “concoction!” mmmmm.

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