If you work in a “green office building” I bet all of your plasticware was replaced by reusable silverware. This is all well and good but in this failing economy some people have resorted in pawning off the company silverware to make up for cut backs.

If that is not the reason then were do all the metal fork go? Tossed out with the trash, left in a desk, taken home… which is it?

We don’t have an endless supply of silverware but we did have an almost endless supply of plastic.

I miss my plastic fork. I miss the days when after I was done eating my lunch I could toss everything in the trash and move on with my day. Now after I eat I have a chore to do. If I wanted chores to do while I was at work I would work from home.

The only time I want to use a metal fork in the office is when I am cooking bacon. Other than that a plastic one would work just fine. Okay I am done with my metal fork rant, I needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for listen and enjoy bacon!

I used to post these little Office Etiquette comics more offend. You can see all the past ones by doing a search.

Comic by Eric M.

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One Response to Office Etiquette: Where is all the Silverware

  1. My office has liberated us from the paper cups they used to supply for our coffee and water. They still give us coffee but we have to bring our own mugs. I miss the paper cups.

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