bacon-500x391 For almost five years rocked the same theme. Well all that changed Sunday when I had to update my install of WordPress on the server. Since there was a new security risk where WordPress blogs were getting hacked it had to be done.

I knew this was coming since the theme I was using was one that I heavily modified to my own liking. Some parts of the theme were no longer supported by the mighty WordPress. To save you from all the boring theme and CSS talk I will stop there. Just know that my site was broken by the update and I had to spend Sunday and Monday switching to a new theme that I modified.

I like this layout better because its cleaner and it’s not as cramped. I always thought I out grew the old theme but never wanted to take the time to change.

If you find any bugs or think I need to change something let me know. I want to make this new look something we all enjoy.

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One Response to WordPress Forced Me to Change my Theme

  1. Spam says:

    I’m late in commenting on this, but I think I actually like this new theme better. I think it looks more classy and professional.

    Bacon Bishop of Baltimore
    Founder, Ministry of Bacon

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