King Curtis has just released his new hit single, “Bacon is Good For Me”. You can find a video for it on YouTube right now. No word on when he plans to release a full EP or go on tour, but we will keep you posted.

The hook of this song is so catchy I find myself singing it to myself throughout the day.

I hope King Curtis is not just another one hit wonder. The VH1 “Where are they Now” would be tragic and would feature King Curtis strung out at a pig farm chasing the purple pig that only he can see. Yes, that would be a pure rock n’ roll, but I have bigger dreams for him. I want him to dethrone Justin Timberlake as the prince of pop.

Bacon needs to be at the top of the music charts. Will King Curtis be the one to do it?

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2 Responses to King Curtis Has a New Hit Single

  1. […] last week’s show Sean and I premiered King Curtis’s new hit single “Bacon is Good for Me”. It has been topping the charts in a northern providence in Canada. We also talked about how […]

  2. keira says:

    that little kid can come stay with us til that mean lady leaves. Bacon IS good for me. thanks for this… i will be singing this catchy tune all day!

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