My buddy Matt Gondek posted a link to this video on my Facebook wall today. It’s a video of a fat kid (named Curtis) standing up to women that is trying to take his bacon away. This kid is my hero, I would have done the very same thing if I was in his situation.

The clip is from the crappy ABC show, Wife Swap. I wonder who won the battle, was the kid allowed to eat his bacon or did he really have to find a new place to live. If you have watched this episode please let me know what happened! I am worried about him!

Update: Here is another clip of him and his dad (thank you Sarah). I also just found a longer clip of King Curtis, this kid is a classic.

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3 Responses to Fat Kid Forced to Leave Home for Loving Bacon

  1. joe says:

    The fat kid now has diabetes. . . Thanks bacon.

  2. […] King Curtis has just released his new hit single, “Bacon is Good For Me”. You can find a video for it on YouTube right now. No word on when he plans to release a full EP or go on tour, but we will keep you posted. […]

  3. Me says:

    He’s an insulin dependent diabetic. He needs to sit at special chairs during school because he can’t fit into the desks. All the kids make fun of him for being a fatty. He’ll probably attempt suicide at some point and his parents will say “I just don’t know why!”.

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