crap-bacon I am sure all of you have seen my video review for the Arby’s Roastburger with Bacon. My biggest complaint about it was the lack of bacon. It only had one strip of chewy tasteless bacon on it.

In the back of my mind I thought that maybe the person making it was having a bad day and made me a poor sandwich. Well I just got some troubling news on Arby’s bacon policy. Here is a direct quote from an employee:

“We take a piece of bacon and rip it in half, that’s all the bacon we can give you unless you ASK for more.”

One piece is all you get! Why are they rationing it out like that, is there a bacon shortage I don’t know about? Also, noticed how he said “unless you ASK for more”. I wonder what happens when you ask for more bacon?

“It’s $.75 for 2 more strips of bacon at the Arby’s I work at. Load it up if that’s what you like!”

Load it up if that’s what I like? I think everybody that would order the Arby’s Roastburger with Bacon would like it loaded up. Arby’s bacon policy forces you to pay an extra $1.50 for the proper amount of bacon on the sandwich. Why not just add that in to the cost and save us the trouble.

This is an insult to bacon lover’s everywhere. For them to put the bacon label on this sandwich and only have one strip of bacon on it is a disgrace. Then to add insult to injury they want you to pay for the proper amount of bacon.

No thank you Arby’s you can keep your crappy bacon. You are forever on Bacon Boycott list!

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4 Responses to Arby’s Insults Bacon Lovers Everywhere

  1. Spam says:

    It’s sad to see this from Arby’s, a place that used to have a lot more respect for bacon and bacon lovers.

    Not so very long ago, Arby’s bacon was unlike any other bacon in fast food: extra thick, extra peppery, and cooked to a perfect state that was just crispy enough so that you could take a bite without pulling whole strips out of the sandwich, yet not so crispy that it would crumble into bacon bits upon even the slightest bit of pressure.

    Wendy’s has also gone this same route when it comes to bacon. In my college years, I spent three years working there, and the bacon was real—maybe not extra thick and peppery, but it was real bacon, fried upon the grill like bacon is supposed to be cooked. Back then, a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger would get two full strips of bacon, which really made for a great tasting little burger at a reasonable price; now, they rip the bacon in half, and put only ONE of those halves on the sandwich. Furthermore, their bacon is now so thin you can see right through it. They boast of how their Baconator has six strips of bacon, but with the strips being so thin, their taste is entirely lost amongst the rest of the burger.

    As you’ve noted (and I myself had experienced at about the same time), McDonald’s has stepped forward with some real quality bacon for their Bacon & Cheese Angus Third Pounder. The strips are adequately long, they’re cooked just right, and you can taste them even in such a large burger. As you noted, Jason, the bacon isn’t anything special, but it’s decent, especially for a fast food offering. We can only hope that such a move by the leader in the fast food industry can spark some change in others, hopefully re-establishing the importance of being frank and honest when using bacon to tempt customers to spend their hard-earned money.

    Bacon Bishop of Baltimore
    Founder, Ministry of Bacon

  2. Aaron says:

    Hey, nice reply @spamspam! My answer to all bacon burgers is to buy an extra $7-8 worth of bacon. That’s usually 30-45 strips. haha.

  3. staciethebaconfreakfersho says:

    fast food is really quite pathetic. i almost went into wendys with MY OWN BACON. but i figured whats the point, its not even worth it, i can make a better meal at home and get stoned while doing so. sorry arbys, but yoyu have FAILED me.. i dont know if i can forgive
    as for wendys, well then went down the shithole long, long ago
    the only acceptable thing there is nuggets and frostys
    some will argue about how their chicken sandwich is so amazing.
    psshaa,youll see me at mcdonalds before anything, sure its ghetto, but its also reliable, its been the same BOMB crap for as long as i can remember!!!! mmmm gotta love that crap!

  4. Robert says:

    Sorry, a little late to the conversation because I just found the site.

    I knew Arby’s was on its way downhill when they discontinued the Black Cow shake (A vanilla shake with root beer syrup added)

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