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Today’s bacon lovers are tired of thin flavorless strips that some places try to pass off as bacon. They have demanded that companies provide us with top quality, thick cut, flavorful bacon strips. Now, many companies have stepped up to the table with various flavors like pepper, apple wood, jalapeño and maple.

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This new breed of bacon done right is filling the kitchens of America with the delicious aroma of bacon, but there is one catch…. the smell never leaves.

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Reports have been coming in to from across the country all with the same complaint of happiness: After one fries up a big old batch of maple thick cut bacon you continue to enjoy its smell for days.

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One man told me he cooked up some maple bacon he purchased at the grocery store Aldi’s. It has now been four days and his kitchen still reeks of yummy.

Another story was about a family that went camping and took some Wright’s brand maple bacon. It was raining so they cooked it under a small portable gazebo with detachable side walls. As soon as the bacon hit the pan the smell of maple dominated the air. Two weeks later when the gazebo and side walls were unpacked for its next use they were kicked in the nose with a maple boot.

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This unexpected side effect is just one more way that bacon shows its love to you. Sure, the bacon’s gone but it just wanted to leave you a reminder of how things used to be. Kind of like how back in the day a woman would spray a letter with perfume to remind her man what he was missing.

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I, for one, know that when I walk through my kitchen and the smell of bacon still fills the air from that morning’s breakfast I shed a single tear and then I smile because I know me and bacon will be back together soon.

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If you have any stories of how bacon has affected your life please share by emailing them to me at sbrett at mrbaconpants dot com.

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By Sean Brett

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5 Responses to Bacon’s Unexpected Side Effect

  1. Aaron says:

    I shed a tear reading this. Bacon loves me!

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