On this episode of Bacon LIVE Sean thought it would be a good idea to review Sugardale’s Ready Bacon. We already knew we were going to hate it but we never officially reviewed it before. Even if Sugardale is not sold in your area we feel that this review stands true for all microwavable bacon.

Sean and I both thought that bacon was too thin and in the right light you could almost see though it. I thought the texture was like eating crispy cardboard. Also, since the flavor was added and not smoked in to the meat it had a strange taste to it. Even with all the hate we had for this bacon, it was still better then that crap Wendy’s tries to pass off as bacon.

With that said, I still couldn’t even finish all the bacon we cooked. Thankfully Sean has a cast-iron stomach and was able to force it down. We will never be eating Ready Bacon again on Bacon LIVE. It was a disgrace to bacon and we are sorry you had to see/listen to that.

Bacon LIVE 040:

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8 Responses to Bacon LIVE: Ready Bacon is a Disgrace

  1. Spam says:

    Jason and Sean,

    I think you’re being a little hard on pre-cooked bacon. By no means does it attempt or claim to be as good as traditional bacon; rather, it’s all about the convenience. If you need bacon, and you need it FAST and you need it NOW, this stuff is a reasonable–albeit less stunning–option.

    But don’t just take my opinion…also check out this review of pre-cooked bacon by one of the most highly-esteemed bacon authorities on the planet, Bacon Today:

    Additionally, because it’s vacuum-sealed in an airtight package, it needs no refrigeration, so you can keep it around ANYWHERE…in your desk at work, in the trunk of your car, or duct-taped to the neck of a donkey. The only other bacon product you can say that about is Oscar Mayer’s “Real Bacon Bits” (also touched on by Bacon Today at, but since it comes in a finely-crumbled form, it’s not quite the same…more like pouring a delicious, salty, meaty sand into your mouth.

    It’s a shame that you had rendered your verdict about pre-cooked bacon before you even got a chance to try it; it’s a pretty nice alternative to have available in a pinch.


    Bacon Bishop of Baltimore
    Founder, Ministry of Bacon

  2. Jason Mosley says:

    Really dose it take that long to cook bacon? About 10 mins. Also if you don’t cook bacon in a pan, what are you going to cook your egg in? I use bacon grease for my fried eggs!

    Also, why settle for low quality bacon just because its cheap and convenient?

    I am a bacon lover NOT a lover of everything bacon just because its bacon or says bacon. I enjoy good bacon and bacon theme items.

    It seems a lot of bacon bloggers just like things because “Hey it says bacon”!

    Sean and I take pride in this job and its our duty to point out when bacon has been FAILED.

    I hope you can understand that.

  3. Spam says:

    Jason, you know I take my job as a bacon evangelist as seriously as you do. Don’t be fooled by how much fun we have at the Ministry of Bacon; not all bacon is created equal…not in the least.

    Sure, traditional bacon takes 10 minutes. Pre-cooked bacon takes FIVE SECONDS per slice. If I’m running late for work, and it’s a choice between (a) cooking traditional bacon and getting in trouble with the boss for being late, (b) nuking some precooked bacon and shoving it in my mouth on my way out the door, (c) tucking a box of pre-cooked bacon into my laptop bag for later, or (d) not having bacon at all, I am definitely picking either (b) or (c).

    No, OF COURSE you should NEVER use pre-cooked bacon if you have a stove or oven and the time to make it the right way. And this isn’t about bacon as a novelty; when I taste shitty bacon gumballs, I call it like I see it.

    Here’s what it comes down to: Pre-cooked bacon is NOT a substitute for bacon done right; it’s a substitute for no bacon at all.

    — Spam

  4. Spam says:

    Oh, and by the way…I’m right there with you on Wendy’s bacon. Even on the rare occasion when I do visit one of their locations, I never order any of the menu items that include bacon. If they want our business, they have to take their bacon quality (and quantity) much more seriously.

    As a former employee of Wendy’s, I’ll tell you this: When it comes to bacon, things used to be much different there. Everything went downhill once the venerable Dave Thomas (R.I.P.) was no longer at the helm.

  5. Jason Mosley says:

    I am glad we can agree on one thing 😉 Thats why I love the Bacon Nation, we can always find something to agree on.

    Spam if you want you can come on the show and we can debate this topic… might be fun.

  6. Spam says:

    It would be my pleasure to call into the show! Unfortunately, I can’t do so this week…but any other Wednesday evening should be great for me. I love talking about bacon as much as you do!

  7. Edward Baconhands says:

    Ready cooked bacon is better than that shit we used to call bacon. 1) It takes 1/100th the effort to cook. 2) It doesn’t produce a gallon of fat for every slice you cook. 3) It tastes better. 4) It’s easier to store and close/reopen. 5) It tastes much better. 6) It makes better sandwiches (BLTs, burgers, etc.) 7) You don’t have to wash a pan with 50 gallons of water and a cup of detergent afterwards. 8) It really f’n tastes better. 9) Idk, only f#$&tard douchebags eat shitty old grandma bacon 10) I really hate bacon snobs that can’t admit that ready cooked bacon is just all around better.

  8. […] hate more than tofu bacon is low quality and poorly prepared “real” bacon. This fact caused me to hate “Ready Bacon” and more importantly fast-food bacon. I found them both to have a cheap smoke injected flavor or no […]

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