On last week’s show Sean and I reviewed every flavor of Bacon Salt that Dave and Justin sent to us. I didn’t realize it would take 30 minutes to review every flavor, but it did. I thought they were all edible but there were a few that we liked and a few that we hated. Watch the show to find out our bacon salt countdown order.

Also worth mentioning is that you can now buy Bacon Salt if you live overseas. Dave and Justin have partnered with a website to ship and sell their product in Europe. Now the English will have no excuse to have crappy tasting food anymore.

Bacon LIVE 041:

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Download the MP3 or watch the video!

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3 Responses to Bacon LIVE: Bacon Salt Take Over

  1. Aaron says:

    It was a wonderful show. Get out the spell checker on that post!
    Ya’ll should list your ratings of each flavor too :) Too many people rush out and buy Original and don’t know how great Natural, Peppered, and Maple are.

  2. Jason Mosley says:


    Thanks! I plan to do that once I clip out the Bacon Salt review for a BLT (Bacon LIVE Tidbit). This is just to get people to watch the show. :)

  3. […] On last week’s Bacon LIVE Sean and I tried Baconnaise, a mayonnaise like substance that taste like bacon. It’s made by the same fine folks that brought us Bacon Salt (which we reviewed last week). […]

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