I am probably going to get in trouble for this, but here is a list of every film and/or movie Kevin Bacon has acted in. I know what your think,”I thought you hated Kevin Bacon for giving bacon a bad name”. Well the fact is I don’t hate him, I just get annoyed that every time I search or talk about Bacon he is brought up.

So to use Kevin Bacon’s popularity to my advantage I am posting this list. That way when someone uses Google looking for Kevin Bacon they will find Mr. Baconpants instead. I want to give these Kevin lovers a taste of their own medicine.

Every Kevin Bacon Movie:

  1. My One and Only (2009) …. Dan
  2. Taking Chance (2009) …. LtCol Mike Strobl
  3. Frost/Nixon (2008) …. Jack Brennan
  4. Saving Angelo (2007) …. Brent
  5. Rails & Ties (2007) …. Tom Stark
  6. Death Sentence (2007) …. Nick Hume
  7. The Air I Breathe (2007) …. Love
  8. Where the Truth Lies (2005) …. Lanny
  9. Beauty Shop (2005) …. Jorge
  10. Loverboy (2005) …. Marty
  11. Cavedweller (2004) …. Randall Pritchard
  12. The Woodsman (2004) …. Walter
  13. In the Cut (2003) (uncredited) …. John Graham
  14. Mystic River (2003) …. Sean Devine
  15. Trapped (2002) …. Hickey
  16. Novocaine (2001) (uncredited) …. Actor Lance Phelps
  17. Hollow Man (2000) …. Sebastian Caine
  18. My Dog Skip (2000) …. Jack Morris
  19. Stir of Echoes (1999) …. Tom Witzky
  20. Wild Things (1998) …. Ray Duquette
  21. Digging to China (1998) …. Ricky Schroth
  22. Telling Lies in America (1997) …. Billy Magic
  23. Picture Perfect (1997) …. Sam Mayfair
  24. Sleepers (1996) …. Sean Nokes
  25. Balto (1995) (voice) …. Balto
  26. Apollo 13 (1995) …. Jack Swigert
  27. Murder in the First (1995) …. Henri Young
  28. The River Wild (1994) …. Wade
  29. The Air Up There (1994) …. Jimmy Dolan
  30. New York Skyride (1994) …. Narrator/Host
  31. A Few Good Men (1992) …. Capt. Jack Ross
  32. JFK (1991) …. Willie O’Keefe
  33. Pyrates (1991) …. Ari
  34. He Said, She Said (1991) …. Dan Hanson
  35. Queens Logic (1991) …. Dennis
  36. Flatliners (1990) …. David Labraccio
  37. Tremors (1990) …. Valentine McKee
  38. The Big Picture (1989) …. Nick Chapman
  39. Criminal Law (1988) …. Martin Thiel
  40. She’s Having a Baby (1988) …. Jefferson ‘Jake’ Edward Briggs
  41. Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987) …. Taxi Racer
  42. End of the Line (1987) …. Everett
  43. White Water Summer (1987) …. Vic
  44. Quicksilver (1986) …. Jack Casey
  45. Footloose (1984) …. Ren McCormack
  46. Enormous Changes at the Last Minute (1983) …. Dennis
  47. Forty Deuce (1982) …. Ricky
  48. Diner (1982) …. Timothy Fenwick Jr.
  49. Only When I Laugh (1981) …. Don
  50. Friday the 13th (1980) …. Jack
  51. Hero at Large (1980) …. 2nd Teenager
  52. Starting Over (1979) …. Husband (Young Couple)
  53. Animal House (1978) …. Chip Diller

For my evil plan to work, I will need links to this post containing, “Kevin Bacon” or “Kevin Bacon Movies”. If you want to help its easy, just write something about Kevin Bacon and link to this post.

NOTE: If you find any of the trailers for these movies on YouTube let me know so I can link to it. Thanks!

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23 Responses to The Kevin Bacon Movie List

  1. Amber says:

    “That way when someone uses Google looking for Kevin Bacon they will find Mr. Baconpants instead.”

    Most excellent idea! I will be sure to link to your post this week, anything I can do in the name of bacon.

  2. Consider it done. I’ll pledge another Kevin Bacon link to this here page sometime soon.

    BTW, Kevin Bacon is still the King of Hollywood. And I’m unbeatable at playing “The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”.

  3. Brenda Wisbey says:

    My husband and I just watched SLEEPERS and he commented that Kevin Bacon should have received some awards for his movies but we did not realize he has been in so many movies. Thanks for writing all the movies…I will watch for them in the future. Thanks…Brenda

  4. Gman says:

    I looked for this to see how many degrees I am from Kevin Bacon… 4 !!!

  5. im a big fan of Kevin Bacon… wish to meet him in person one day… :)

  6. ashfaq saeed says:

    The first name of Hollywood actors that i learned is kevin bacon…i love his movies very much and send him my best wishes

  7. Mysticfairy37 says:

    Awesome site! Bacon in all forms rock.

  8. Cinflo says:

    excellent site! what was the movie where Kevin Bacon was a guard in a jevenile prison and he sexually molesed the kids/inmates?

  9. Pravi_scorpio says:

    please anybody knows that kevin becon has acted as medical student and do research of after death in a hospital with five other doctors or students… a kind of super natural thriller pls inform

  10. Sya Swagg says:

    Witch One was The One When He Is A RockStar And Stuff

  11. Rockin_star69 says:

    What’s the title of the movie where kevin bacon went to Africa.. He was looking for a basketball player..

  12. Randymueller88 says:


  13. Alan Stein says:

    Sleepers.  Book was great and so was the movie.

  14. B0jangles78 says:

    I don’t know, Kevin Bacon has been in a lot of friggin movies, is he really that good of an actor? I think foot loose was terrible acting but then again it was done in the 80’s was there any good anything back then? Bad hair, horrible clothes…..oh yes the music was awesome! Hollow man was a good movie but does anyone else think that Kevin Bacon has this look of perpetual “deer in the headlights” He is just so blank some times.

  15. Chloerandall says:


  16. Handleit0030 says:

    X-men first class!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Bigbuckredneck_2010 says:

    Can you please update this list? He has been in a few movies since 2009, including X-men: First Class. Thanks!

  18. Bigbuckredneck_2010 says:

    Please update list

  19. Bananamuffins Yay says:

    haha your plan worked, i was looking up kevin bacon and i came across your site!

  20. Frenchie says:


  21. Mandyjim48 says:

    what was the film called where he played a son of gypsies killed by people in a small town . he gets revenge by killing all those involved 

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