Every year the online store Think Geek plays an April fool’s joke on everybody. This year its Squeez Bacon, the product everyone wishes was real. Below is a commercial that was made for the product.

Product Features

  • Each tube contains 21oz (595g) of Squeez Bacon.
  • 16 servings – equivalent to 64 slices of bacon!
  • Bottled in Sweden, made from U.S. bred swine.
  • Shelf Life of 12 years.
  • No refrigeration needed.
  • Jätte gott!

Even the Recipe site, Recipe Zaar was getting in on the Bacon Fools day fun. The convinced a few people that they were going to change the name of the site to BaconZaar. I kind of wish they did.

If you find any good April Fool’s Day jokes online today, be sure to share them with a comment. Google has a good one every year so go check theirs out now.

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5 Responses to Squeez Bacon: You Can Put it on Anything

  1. Jason Mosley says:

    hahaha USB Pet Rock! http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/41/usb-pet-rock.html

    Go to the Think Geek home page today to see all of the joke products.

  2. Derrick says:

    I can’t tell if BaconCamp.org is a joke or not. I’m thinking not. If not, Pittsburgh should get in on the action.

  3. Jason Mosley says:


    BaconCamp.org is real I know the guys behind it. I am planning to do something this summer at Harris Grill. I am just having trouble getting a hold of one of the owners. I guess there opening a few new places in the burbs.

  4. Aaron says:

    Where’s the USB Bacon cooker? I can’t wait to have peanut butter and squeezebacon sandwiches.

  5. Justin says:

    I fell for it. I was so hopeful.

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