Heather Lauer, the Queen of all Bacon, was interviewed on a Phoenix TV station (PHX11) about her new book. Last night on Bacon Live, Aaron shared a link to the YouTube video.

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I think she did really well during the interview, I just wish she would have tossed in a Mr. Baconpants (the King of all Bacon) shout out.

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During the interview, they talk a lot about her upcoming book, Bacon: A Love Story. At this years Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival I received an advanced copy and I must say it’s impressive. It’s the textbook for bacon lovers. It covers bacon’s history, pop culture, and recipes. When it gets a little closer to its release date, I will post a full write up (and maybe a video).

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One Response to Interview with Bacon Lover Heather Lauer

  1. Aaron says:

    You should both get a spot on Oprah to discuss bacon love like the Bacon Salt guys are tomorrow.

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