I was going to write a post about Swine Flu today but Cindy Perman, writer for, beat me to it. In her story, she covers a few Swine Flu Myths and shares her love of bacon. She is worried, like most bacon lovers, that this new pandemic will give pork (and bacon) a bad name.

The threat of a global pandemic of swine flu has not only threatened the economic recovery, it’s put one of America’s greatest love affairs on the rocks.

If you think this has had no effect on the bacon community you’re wrong. Countries all around the world have banned American pork products including bacon. Now I know many of you are thinking, “That’s great, that just means more bacon for me”, but remember that hog prices are falling sharply over this news. That means our friends in Iowa have been hit hard.

To help set things straight, Cindy debunks six Swine Flu myths in her article. The most important one she covers is “you can get Swine Flu by eating pork”. THIS IS NOT TRUE! The National Pork Board sent out a press release early this week. Even the Queen of all Bacon is quoted on the subject:

“It is a scientific fact that you cannot catch swine flu from eating pork products,” Heather Lauer added. “[E]veryone should continue consuming their normal levels of bacon. I would even argue that everyone should increase their bacon consumption in solidarity. If we don’t, then swine flu wins.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Be sure to read the full article , that way you will be armed with the tools you need to debunk these Swine Flu myths. The last thing we need is a worldwide pork ban. If that were to happen, Armageddon would surely follow.

I would like to thank Cindy Perman for taking the time to write this article. The Bacon Nation is proud to know you’re fighting the battle against Swine Flu alongside us.

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10 Responses to If you Stop Eating Bacon, Swine Flu Wins

  1. Aaron says:

    Cigarettes and bacon are to things I’d never stop using, no matter how fast it kills me :)

  2. Dug says:

    How can people be so freaking stupid.I guess if they called it the money flu. well ,you get my point

  3. Jason Mosley says:

    If they called it money flu I would tell everyone the cure is sending your money to me… hehe

  4. scupper says:

    Again, I would still fight through apocalyptic zombies for my bacon, I am not scared like this guy (working in HQ):

  5. teddy says:

    Of course Cindy scooped you on the article. Because she’s a real journalist and you’re a hack with a bad attitude and worse writing skills. Be happy she got there first…

  6. Jason Mosley says:


    I think you’re the one with the bad attitude.

    Oh, and thanks for calling me a journalist, I always thought of myself as a blogger. I guess I finally made to the big leagues. One day I will transform from a fake journalist to a real one. I can’t wait, exciting times are ahead.

  7. Tina says:

    Ok i’m kinda scared if you eat bacon do you get swine flu if u like cook it

  8. Jason Mosley says:

    YOU CAN NOT GET H1N1 FROM EATING PORK! Sorry for yelling but this is an important message. 😉 Pork and Bacon are still the best meats ever!

  9. lee says:

    mmmmmm bacon. I’m off to have a bacon samy right now. jason mosley good come back to teddy’s message.

  10. mark says:

    I wonder if it would be possible to publish a graph showing up-to-date death rates per age grouping? This would help show which age range is most susceptable to this new virus, and also provide a comparison to other countries,The following age ranges would be most useful:

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