Last night for dinner I had the McDonald’s Angus Third Pounder with Bacon and Cheese. Since Sean was there to hold the camera we did a video review of it.

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I know these have been out for a while and I have talked about them before, but I wanted to put my thoughts on video. If you have tried on of these burgers feel free share your thoughts. I thought it was pretty good for fast food.

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2 Responses to Video Review: McDonald’s Angus with Bacon

  1. Dug says:

    Sounds like I might try it. I was so amazed at how you could speak so clearly with such a gigantic amount of food in your mouth.
    If McDonald’s offered you 1 million dollars, would you change your name to Mr. Mc Baconpants

  2. Aaron says:

    Heey, you called it “a lot of bacon.” No wonder you only got and 80something on the quiz from the last show. YOu need MORE bacon. 3-4 mini slices is NEVER enough bacon! YOu have to have MORE!

    MacDonald’s switches bacon types from breakfast to lunch/dinner…why not just use the awesome breakfast bacon all day? It’s just regular bacon, but it comes frozen and it’s somehow shaped into a spiral and still lays flat. They throw it on the grill and cover it with a metal plate with a handle on top to keep it from folding, and it’s the greatest thing. A few slices of THAT on an Angus burger would make me buy one.

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