Sean and I reviewed the Arby’s Roastburger last night. We were both disappointed with the amount of bacon on the sandwiches. Just watch the video and see for yourself.

When are fast-food companies going to learn you can’t skimp on bacon! We need to show them we mean business, so the Arby’s Roastburger is on the Bacon Boycott list. DO NOT BUY THE ROASTBURGER!

Let us know what you thought about it via a comment. Was the lack of bacon a big deal for you like it was for us?

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5 Responses to Video Review: Arby’s Roastburger with Bacon

  1. gina says:


    SO gross. Nice review! Never tried it, and never will :)


  2. Jason Mosley says:

    Good, I am glad Sean and I could save your from this monster.

  3. Varuka_Salt says:

    Thank you for saving me from wasting my money on this completely falsely advertised Arby’s epic fail. They have really been going down hill over the last decade.

  4. […] enjoyed reviewing the Arby’s Grossburger so much, last week’s show turned in to a review show. We talked about the Roastburger, bacon air […]

  5. […] a starving animal. But now I am more hesitant to order such items like Wendy’s Baconnator or the Arby’s Bacon Roastburger. I have even found myself, when given the choice between a bacon or sausage breakfast sandwich […]

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