A few months ago I created the Ultimate BLT in my kitchen. I took seven strips of bacon and wove them together in to a square. I then cooked the woven bacon in a large pan until it was crispy. I think if I would have baked the bacon, it would have made things easier. After the bacon was done, I completed the masterpiece you see in the image above.

weaveCooking your bacon this way for your BLT will ensure that you get bacon in every bite. Thus making the Ultimate BLT. Also, if you somehow get bored with the standard BLT don’t be ashamed to add more letters to the name. The image above is really a BLTGPP, since I added a Green Pepper and Provolone to it. Other items you could add to your BLT are ham, mustard, cucumber, hummus, or egg. Let me know what your favorite BLT additions are via comments or email.

If you need practice making BLTs, you can play this flash game. You can thank MetalChick666 for finding this addictive time waster. I wonder if there are more bacon related flash games?

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11 Responses to The Ultimate BLT Recipe

  1. spoon says:

    My mother in law makes me BLT’s for breakfast when we stay over at her place. a lil mayo and some local american cheese prove to be addicting. I like your pattern. I’ll have to give it a shot.

  2. Mosley says:

    If I had Mayo it would have been a BLTGPPM.

  3. headcrowny says:

    Sounds like a Lite version of that monster bacon-sausage creation that was all over the web a couple of weeks ago.

    Definitely need the rename from BLT. A BLT is a work of genius and can only consist of untoasted white bread, preferably something sqwooshy like Wonder Bread (one of the only valid use for Wonder Bread imho), crisp but not burnt bacon, fresh, fresh, fresh tomatoes, and lots of real mayo. Mmmmmm – a childhood favorite.

  4. Lately I’ve been using tortilla’s to wrap up my BLT’s. And I’ve been alternating between mayo and Baconnaise. Either way, YUM.

  5. Scott Kveton says:

    We did a little variation of a BLT adding an avocado and used the “swirl” technique to cook it up … you can see pics and the video of it here:

    The bonus about the swirl method is you get a lot of depth from the bacon when you stack it. So, instead of a flat, thin layer of bacon, you get a substantial amount of bacon per bite. Yum … :-)

  6. […] kindred spirit, MrBaconpants. I like the attention to detail here, especially in regards to getting bacon in every bite. Share this […]

  7. Deborah says:

    One night last week my kiddos wanted BELT’s (the E is for egg)for dinner but I had errands to run. So I diced and fried the bacon, HARD Boiled the eggs, diced the tomatoes & shredded the lettuce. I tossed it all with Ranch dressing and stuffed into pita pockets! They were a HUGE success…hubby even said he prefers his BELT’s this way from now on! Love the weave technique but for me with 5 mouths to feed just a little labor intensive. But it LOOKS so cool! :-)

  8. mr p says:

    avocado and banana peppers…

  9. Eosdelb says:

    I just yesterday was making a blt and after spreading the Hellmanns on one slice of Pepperidge Farmsoft hearty white bread, I thought, “what would guacamole be like on the other slice?”. I spread it on there kind of thick and pushed the bacon down into it. I remembered I also bought a cucumber that wasn’t going to be edible for very long. Hell, I cut it into double quarter thick slices and shoved that into the Hellmann’s mayonaise. (this is not a Hellmann’s commercial, I just think the others taste like…., no more needs to be said. If you like Duke’s use Dukes! If you like Miracle Whip, God help you. It’s not a Pepperidge Farm commercial either. But both of them owe me.) The rest is old school. You got lettuce ,tomatoe.
    So, Bread, mayo, guacamole, bacon, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoe and season to taste. There is no better.

  10. Alizab87 says:

    Omg i am in love with BLT’s mine consist of…..bacon, romaine, tomato, mayo, cheese, oil and vinegar, and finally oregano…..oh I forgot the toast! Pure heaven!

  11. gido says:

    in my BLT like to add hummus in lieu of mayo and fresh basil. agree bacon can add good flavor.

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