The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that the topic of bacon is all anyone can talk about online. And it’s all because of the Bacon Explosion.

We have talked about the Bacon Explosion on this site a few times in the last couple weeks, but the originator is They posted the first known recipe for the edible log that consists of 2 pounds of sausage encased in a 2 pound bacon weave.

When the New York Times featured a story on the explosion it became the most emailed story from their site. The economy…bacon is more important. The Super Bowl…bacon is more important. Barack Obama…bacon is more important. All news bows its head in the presence of bacon.

The Sun-Times goes on talking about websites and Facebook pages dedicated to bacon, but they made one major omission. Nowhere do they mention the most amazing, by far the most informative and entertaining website. I am of course talking about In my option that’s just sloppy journalism.

By Sean Brett

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3 Responses to Bacon is More Important than the Economy

  1. Don’t feel bad, they forgot about me too. BUT, it’s about time bacon got the recognition it deserves!

  2. Jason Mosley says:

    I just hope they dont make bacon jump the shark. That would be a bad thing for bacon.

  3. Such are the perils of bacoblogging, you know? I’ve been sent a link to “that bacon thing” over 100 times. Yes, it’s amazing, but, I sometimes feel like William Shatner in that SNL skit…

    Also, I’ve been a reader for a while. Your site is hilarous.

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