Ever since Lala launched its new streaming music service I have been listening to a ton of new music. Four bands that have really stuck me are Bon Iver, Blitzen Trapper, Passion Pit, and Hot Chip. I like each of them for different reasons. Surprisingly, I can break these four bands into two groups: dancey and folky (I know these are not real words). I am not sure why I am listening to two groups of music that don’t really play well together, but that’s what has happened.

Bon Iver – This band, and yes it’s a band sadly there is no guy named Bon, is kind of what I call folky rock. It’s like singer song writer with a twist of upbeat tempos that make you tap your foot and bob your head. My favorite tracks are “Creature Fear” and “Re: Stacks”.

Blitzen Trapper – I hated this band for the longest time, because they sounded a lot like folky Bob Dylan (listen to “Furr” to understand what I am talking about). I really don’t like bands that don’t have their own sound, but after listening to the full album I realized that they do. It seems that the whole album puts a modern take on classic rock progressions. Listen to it and see if you can figure the influences for each track.

Passion Pit – This band only has a 7 track EP out right now, but if they put out a LP this year there will be dance mania. If you don’t believe me listening to “Better Things” and try not to dance, you can’t help yourself. I have high hopes for this band.

Hot Chip – Out of the four I mentioned in the post, this is the one I can’t get enough of. I find the nonsense lyrics and beats hypnotic, it’s like mind candy. You just listen, you don’t have to put much thought into it to enjoy it. I find it to be a great album to work and “Shake a Fist” to for that reason.

So that is a quick rundown of the bands I am listening to at this moment. If you ask me next month I will probably tell you four different bands. Feel free to share your top four of the moment via a comment.

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12 Responses to Four Bands that Make my Bacon Sizzle (for now)

  1. Beth says:

    It’s an outrage that Animal Collective isn’t on this list.

    H8 Blitzen Trapper (H8 Bob Dylan)

    <3 AnCo

    Ohhhhh Skinny Loveeeee

    I hope Passion Pit doesn’t disappoint with their album! Any word on when it’ll be out?

  2. Jason Mosley says:

    I H8 AnCo. I like a few of their songs but for the most part I find it to be too random. But maybe like other bands they will start to grow on me the more I am forced to listen to them 😉

    How can you H8 Bob? I can understand the H8 for Blitzen they are not for everyone, even I hated for them longest time.

    I dont know when the new Passion Pit will be out, I just know that a lot of people are buzzing about it. I hope they don’t do what Tokyo Police Club did and put out a disappointing LP.

  3. Emily says:

    This commentary makes me want to start a game show called ‘Name that obscure band’ or ‘I heard them first’ and let the hipsters battle to the death. haha

    Blitzen Trapper reminds me of the Kinks more than Dylan and that’s a good thing. They make me want to grab a mountain man and go live with him in the woods. Mosley, I can’t remember if I told you to check out Okkervil River or Wye Oak yet, but you should.

    Lastly, why pay for music on lala when you can get it for free on imeem?!

  4. Beth says:

    Can you upload your music library onto imeem like you can on lala? If so, i might be swayed. My 30 free songs on lala is up soon so maybe I’ll jump ship. Also, lala doesn’t have The Rapture’s song “No Sex For Ben” and imeem does, which means a lot to us in the alt community (the word hipster is so 2k8).

  5. Emily says:

    Yeah, you can upload music, vidoes and all kinds of stuff or you can do what I do and search for music and make playlists that way. It’s nice cause there’s isn’t any downloading and you can access your list online anywhere. They also have a related song feature under discover that’s kind of like pandora.

    I don’t follow trends and despite liking some of the same music you guys do, I don’t use it to try to seem cool or consider myself part of any specific elitist community. Too limiting and condescending for my taste.

  6. Beth says:

    There’s this thing called sarcasm…

  7. Jason Mosley says:

    I think you mean altcasm… and in that case you need to be part of an elite community of people to get the humor.

    – Mr. AltBacon Bropants

  8. Emily says:

    Haha sorry I’m not in on the inside witty banter you two have going on and can’t recognize sarcasm when the shoe fits.

    And Mosley, Mr. AltBacon Bropants isn’t the first name that comes to mind right now, so I would shush.


  9. todd says:

    I liked Blitzen Trapper’s last album “Wild Mountain Nation” a lot. It reminded me of the noise-country-pop stylings of Pavement. “Furr” is much less adventurous to my ears.

    My favorite record in the last year was “Dirty Moons” by the band Prisonshake. It was sort of the indie rock “Chinese Democracy.” Literally dozens of fans had been anxiously awaiting it’s release for 15 years.

    Some younger bands that have gotten my attention in the last year or two – No Age, Parts & Labor, Times New Viking, Cheap Time, Magic Lanterns, Shaky Hands, Witch Hats, Wavves, Wildildlife, Young Widows, Cave, Awesome Color, Teeth Mountain and Wooden Shjips

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