This comic reminds me of the time when my roommates and I thought it would be fun to toss things into the ceiling fan. We rented and hated our landlord at the time, so we didn’t care about ruining it. We started off with ping pong balls and ended with a phone book. If you want to know the phone book explode into a million pages.

I never knew till then, how much damage a ceiling fan could dish out. Oh and it did mess up the ceiling fan, so kids don’t try this at home.

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2 Responses to BMF: Monsters Always Get in Trouble

  1. Dug says:

    So that’s what happen to my fan.

  2. Jason Mosley says:

    It got knocked of balance so it didn’t spin very well. This was the landlord that let the ceiling fall in on us and some how said it was our fault. I dont think we could do 20 years of water damage in 1 year. Guy are messy but no that messy.

    After we moved out it been empty ever since. I guess people want ceilings.

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