Last week because of the holiday we didn’t have a show, so this week we had a lot to cover. Also, after work I didn’t have time to make dinner, so all I had before the show was a PB and J and some cookies. Long story short, about halfway through the show the sugar high kicked in. It made for an interesting conversation about commercials and “real radio”.

On the show we talked about:
Hot Coco, Roadie walks in, peanut butter and jelly with bacon, bacon in a bag, Father Spoon’s comments, cheap beer, Arizona watermelon drink, wrong hole, Outback Steakhouse, bacon chocolate bar, Which is it women?, if we were real radio, gas is cheap, bacon doughnut, Sean’s idea, Bob Evans, sugar high, bacon shirt, beads get your drunk, drunks in Pittsburgh, space beer, bacon loves all.

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3 Responses to Bacon Radio: Which is it Women

  1. spoon says:

    hahaha thanks for the mention. I yell obscenities on a regular basis so don’t worry about that. I headbutted the queen of England once.

    So was this the beer?
    Fresh Hop Ale

    The DFH 120 got it’s name because hops are added for a continuous 120 minutes (same goes for the 60 minutes, 90 minutes) rather than all at once at the beginning.

    I’ve had the American Defender. Some drunk Yinzer gave it to me and sickpuppy in the parking lot of a Steeler’s Tailgate. The dude asked us if we were into corn holing. We left. Someone later told us it’s actually bean bag toss.

    Pick up the O’Fallon Smoke. The bottle I had smells and had a small taste of bacon. 3 Sons sells it.

  2. spoon says:

    btw, Tilapia is a shit eating fish. Seriously. they suck the crud off the bottom. Keep that in mind next time you eat it. It does take the flavor of whatever you season it with so wrap the sumbitch up in bacon.

  3. Jason Mosley says:

    Thanks for the comments again! I think that was the beer I had, I am going to have to start writing this stuff down.

    Also, I knew that about the hops but for some reason when we record the show my brain takes a vacation.

    I am so sorry you had to drink American Defender. I hear its almost as bad is the crud Tilapia eats.

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