While I was in Seattle last week I got the chance to visit two of the breweries that were downtown, Elysian and Pike. I also was able to try another local brewer called Hale’s. From each brewer I partook in IPA style of beer. This is my favorite style so I thought it would be easier to compare them with other IPA’s I have tried.

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From left to right: Hale’s Mongoose IPA, Pike India Pale Ale, The Immortal IPA

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The first beer I had as soon as I got settle was a Hale’s Mongoose IPA, this quickly became my beer of choice while I was in town. I found it to be a balance and easy to drink, since it was not as strong as the Dogfish IPA’s I am used to. It’s what I call an session IPA since you can drink a lot of it. If I can find this in Pittsburgh I plan to drink this one again.

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The next beer I tried was after stumbling in to its brewery while I was lost in the underground market. I sat down at the bar and simply asked for an IPA assuming that they would have one, they did. It was the Pike India Pale Ale. I felt this beer was a little weak in flavor; it didn’t have the same flavor explosion that East End’s Big Hop does. It was a good beer but not something I would seek out when I am not in Seattle.

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The last beer I had while I was in town was Elysian’s Immortal IPA, sadly by the time I order this beer I already had a few others so I couldn’t really taste it. From what I could tell it had a nice hoppy flavor and good color but that’s about it. I guess next time, I am going to have to give this beer a try sober.

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I really enjoyed Seattle’s beer and food and I can’t wait to go back and try everything I missed the first time. If there’re any brews from Seattle that you think I should have sampled let me know. We have a few nice six pack shops in Pittsburgh, so I should be able to find it.

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