The past few months I have been voicing my complaint about fast-food bacon. I find it to be chewy and unsatisfactory. Well last week a commenter and Sean told me about the McDonald’s Bacon and Cheese Angus burger, and said the bacon was not that bad. So last Friday I gave one a try to see if I agreed.

On my lunch break I went to the nearest McDonalds and ordered the Bacon and Cheese Angus meal. It was kind of expensive, the total was $6.19 plus tax. I then took my burger back to the office where I proceeded to examine the bacon. I would like to note that this burger only had two pieces of bacon. I like to see at least four pieces on my burgers, so the Angus was already starting to disappoint me.

The bacon looked appealing and it had a nice texture, not too soft and not too crispy. I then took a bite of the burger. To my surprise it was not that bad. The bacon didn’t feel or taste like jerky. In fact, it was kind of a hybrid between chewy and crispy bacon. Which makes sense since McDonald’s is trying to appeal to all bacon lovers. The bacon also had a nice smoky flavor that didn’t get lost in the cheese and condiment flavors.

This is not the best bacon I have had, but for fast-food bacon it sets the standard. All other fast-food chains will need to reverse engineer the bacon so they too can be off the bacon boycott list. As much as I hate to say it, “I’m lovin’ it” when it comes to McDonald’s attempt at bacon (they just need to put more on the burger).

If you know of any other fast-food chains that have improved their bacon let me know so I can try it. We need to get more fast-food options off the boycott list.

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11 Responses to The Bacon Boycott has comes to an End

  1. Lis says:

    Five Guys ( has a pretty decent bacon cheeseburger. They used to just be a Virginia thing (2 locations), now they’re freakin everywhere (including Pittsburgh).

  2. Jason Mosley says:

    I think I have heard about that place. Do they have a six pack shop too?

  3. Beth says:

    that’s that place in souf oakland. i’ve heard they have pretty good food.

  4. Jon says:

    I’ve been searching for the best buger in the Boston area for several weeks now and many people have told me to check out 5 Guys. People seem to really love the place.

  5. Michael C says:

    I left a similar comment in the video of the lettuce eating the Baconator… but I can wholeheartedly repeat that bacon at Sonic is REALLY good.

    First off, in the Add-ons on the menu boards, it lists “CRISPY BACON.” If it were not crispy, I suspect I could sue for deceptive advertising/menu-ing.

    Anyways… I returned to my local Sonic in mid-town (sorta north) Austin an hour ago. I had hoped for my third Classic Angus (heh) Burger. Both previously had excellent bacon. Alas, the limited-time-only Angus was gone. I seriously considered driving away, but I wanted to confirm for MrBaconPants the condition of Sonic bacon.

    I ordered the Sonic Bacon Cheeseburger, and I am proud to announce the bacon was SUPERB. Crispy. Medium-thick. Meaty. The only complaint would be that the two (or three) strips got smoodged together into a single bacon “wafer.” But the wafer was large enough to cover 75% of my burger.

    So if you have a Sonic Drive-In, go now. If the bacon is less than satisfactory, point out that the menu reads “CRISPY BACON.” And if that doesn’t bring satisfaction, come to Austin.

  6. Jason Mosley says:


    I will try to make it to Sonic this weekend to see if what you are telling me is true. I hope it is because I am not a big fan of McDonald’s and would like to get my fast-food bacon some were else.

    Enjoy Bacon!

  7. Dug says:

    Had my 1st 5 guy burger and boardwalk fry today while working in Winchester VA. Run,don’t walk to your nearest Five Guys and try the best burger you ever had.

  8. Spam says:

    Could this have been the same bacon that McDonald’s uses on a couple of their “Premium Chicken Sandwiches”? I had a couple of those during my birthday week–during which I pledged to include bacon in every meal–and was pleasantly surprised at its quality (albeit disappointed at the quantity).

  9. Beth says:

    that’s a good idea about the birthday week pledge! mr. baconpants should try that the week of his birthday at baconfest!

  10. Jason Mosley says:

    I should do that… I think that would make Sean happy. He never thinks I eat enough bacon. hehe

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