When I make a trip out to my local beer distributer I always notice a few German and Belgian beers come in 5L Mini-Kegs. The thing that sucks about them is you have to drink them in one sitting since a lot of them are gravity fed when you tap them. Air is your biggest enemy. I have seen tap systems that you can use, but there are hard to find.

Today on the blog Cooking Gadgets they featured a Mini-Keg system that can supposedly handle any type of 5L mini-keg you can throw in to it. Its called the Mini-Keg Beer Dispenser from Plow and Hearth.

Made for use with 5-liter mini-kegs, this is a great way to serve up a tall frosty glass of your favorite draft beer. Our Beer Tender keeps precooled kegs at the optimal serving temperature with double-layer insulation and a virtually noiseless thermal electric motor. Traditional pub keg tap for direct-to-glass serving. Dual system operation: CO2 for nonpressurized kegs, standard for pressurized kegs.

Includes on/off indicator light, removable drip tray for easy cleaning, chrome accent rail, nonslip rubberized feet and integrated cord storage.

The cost for this bad boy is $249.95, I have no idea if that is a good price since I have never seen anything else like this before. If you have anymore insight on this please feel free to share via comments.

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One Response to Everyone Needs a Mini-Keg Dispenser

  1. Mini Keg 4 u says:

    Great article! I think the mini keg is catching on now with people and they are starting to replace the regular sized kegs. I love that they can fit on most countertops and they work great at parties.

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