A lot of you will remember when I started my online comic, Blue Monster Fire. I promised to have a new comic everyday. Well that didn’t happen because I didn’t realize how hard it was marking a comic. I then decided to make a new comic every Monday but then that was difficult too.

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After some time my friend Matt Gondek said that he would help and we started making comic history together. But I still was having trouble keeping up with it all. Managing two different websites was proving to be difficult with my growing work load from my day job.

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After about a month of neglecting my web comic’s website I came up with a solution. I am going to move the comic to Mr.Baconpants. Since the comics was about Mr. Baconpants to begin with it seem like the right choice. So for the next few weeks I will post the old comics here every Monday. Then starting next year I will have new comics to post.

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Here are the first few comics that started it all, I did them on scraps of paper I found on my desk. In the last comic in this post show the first time Matt starting drawing Blue Monster.

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I hope you enjoy this new addition to my website. If you would like to be a guest artist next year let me know via email.

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One Response to Blue Monster Makes a Triumphant Return

  1. Jason Mosley says:

    This just in, I may have a new way to do the webcomic… your are going to have to wait till next year to see it. ;)

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