After my trip to Seattle I had a lot to talk about. I found that Seattle was lacking a love for bacon. Also, Sean and I get in a big debate about beer drinking near the middle of the show. Will this put strain on our friendship? Listen to find out.

On the show we talked about:
We are Rockapella, bacon in Seattle, coffee weather, local Seattle beers, Kurt Cobain needed bacon, commenter dropped the ball, east coast IPAs are better, where’s the bacon, London bans IPA, Brew Dog, Should I Drink That, Dogfish Head 120, Sean talks about 40s, we debate beer drinking, lite beers suck, H2O, wine, PBR ICE, salt in beer, food fads, fast food service, stoners love bacon, Star Wars joke, beef bacon, make it bigger…

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2 Responses to Bacon Radio: The Beer Show

  1. Holly says:

    Dear Mosley,

    Thanks for visiting ColdSpaghetti, and for commenting! I figured you had to be pretty okay when I saw you were from Pittsburgh (my parents grew up across the street from each other in Leetsdale and I’ve got family all over the Ohio River up there).

    If yins ever get down to New Orleans, give us a holler. Happy to point you to the best bacon and beer in the city, even throw down for first round.

  2. spoon says:

    Being the master of the DFH 120 Chug, it’s 20% ABV hitting your system at once or for the Bud drinkers that would be the alcohol of 5 of your beers in a 12oz bottle. It’s not a real hoppy favored beer because all the freaking alcohol in it kills. You drink the 120 because you hate life and don’t want to waste time getting loaded.

    If you want to drink to get drunk on cheapness, get a 6pk of Miller Lite and drop a shot of vodka in it.

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