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This weekend I attend Podcamp and had a great time. I meet a lot of new faces and caught up with some old ones. Just like last year I only attended sessions, but I think next year I will work up the courage to teach one. I now have plenty of experience under my belt and after listening to the comments people had, I think I have an idea of what people want to hear.

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Here are my tweets from the event, with links to their corresponding picture on flickr:

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10:13 AM Oc 19th: I helped pick the name for the new burgh blog and meet a guy that loves bacon! It’s a good day at podcamp so far.

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2:04 PM Oct 18th: Skipping the session. I am all learned out.

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1:05 PM Oct 18th: In the grass roots podcasting session weeeee! (the photo shows the 649, its the shot I learn about in this session)

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12:07 PM Oct 18th: At the new media planing panel.

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10:04 AM Oct 18th: At the Success panel. Should be fun.

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8:58 AM Oct 18th: At the Activism session. Might learn something for

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8:24 AM Oct 18th: At podcamp. Had coffee and a muffin. Thanks! @afogato

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After going over my tweets I noticed that my twitter activity drop on Sunday. I think this has to do with the fact I was busy trying to network with at many people as I could this day. I find it rude to tweet in the middle of a conversation.

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I cannot wait till next year and we do this all over again. Oh and next year there will be BACON (the food) for breakfast. I was really disappointed that bacon was neglected this year at Podcamp.

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6 Responses to Podcamp Pittsburgh Recap

  1. Walt Ribeiro says:

    Had a blast with you! Loved your bacon-ism, and I agree, bacon is epic :) PCPGH3 was awesome, talk soon!

  2. Jason Mosley says:

    Wow, I just got done checking out your site and then I see this comment. I guess we were both looking at each other’s sites at the same time! Creepy.

    I really dig what your doing. I am going to have to catch up on your show. I am a self thought musician and I always wanted to know more of the theory behind it. I am tired of beeing in 3 chord punk bands ;)


  3. spoon says:

    Had a great time hangin at Podcamp! Why must we always have crazies on Sundays and are we the only ones with them?

    I have a Bacon dish you may like. I tried the original without bacon and then people rolled with it:


  4. Jason Mosley says:

    That Fatty Metlt looks amazing! I am going to have to give it a try ASAP! There is a Bacon and Beer Fest happening in DM IOWA Feb. 28th you guys should see if you can make it. Last year was alot of fun!

  5. Michael Sorg says:

    I think a lot dropped in twittering over the weekend. Odd, but I think it’s because the learning was a lot higher this time. The session list felt really packed with good stuff.

  6. Jason Mosley says:


    I think your right… the sessions were a lot better this time around. Also it seems everyone is staying connected, in fact I am still meeting new people from podcamp.

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