The news magazine Bacon Today is really starting to impress me. Their bacon related stories are really starting to catch my eye. When I first saw the site a few weeks ago I thought it was just going to be another blog aggregator. This is not the case; these guys are writing and finding some really great original content.

For example Mr. B, a writer for the blog, shares with us an amazing bacon recipe, Bacon Cinnamon Rolls. It’s so simple anyone can make them.

While grocery shopping the other day I picked up a tube of ready-to-cook cinnamon rolls and thought hey, I wonder how these would taste with bacon. As I read the back of the package I was reminded that the rolls are actually un-rolled when you remove them. – Continue reading for the gripping conclusion.

I am so excited about this finding that I may have to stop at the store and pick up a pack of cinnamon rolls. If you don’t have Bacon Today added to your must read list, add it now. I can tell already that a lot of tasty news will be coming from there.

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4 Responses to Homemade Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

  1. gabrielle says:

    DO IT! NOW!

    Sorry to shout, man, but I made these a coupla weekends ago after seeing them on Bacon Today, and they are so very easy and incredibly awesome. You will not be disappointed.

  2. Ryan Svoboda says:

    Warning, not all cinnamon rolls come unrolled, some of them are preshaped. I think mine were the pillsbury brand ones

    Also, make sure you cook the bacon, at least halfway before you put them on the rolls, the 15 minutes (recommended 10) in the oven was not long enough to fully cook the bacon

    Mine don’t look as good

  3. Jason Mosley says:

    Thanks guys for the tips and words of encouragement.

    I didnt make them today, but I work from home tomorrow so I will make them then. They will be a nice midday snack.

  4. jessica says:

    wow. and i thought i would never eat something sweet. leave it to bacon to pull me in.

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