Cooking bacon in the microwave is something I’d rather not do. I find that it produces chewy, jerky like bacon that is unsatisfactory. Well the WowBacon Cooker supposedly fixes that problem. They say you can cook a full pound of “crispy” bacon in 10 minutes. (If I needed to cook a full pound of bacon I would just use the oven method.)

Here is a crappy youtube video of it in action:

Do yourself a favor and never throw your frying pan away. They should call it the “PoorBacon Cooker”.

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One Response to WowBacon Cooker: Yet another way to cook bacon poorly

  1. Hello Jason;
    Interesting review of our product. Did you actually try the unit a few times to see how it compares to bacon soaked in bacon grease while cooking? Our unit can provide as crispy bacon as you want, or as chewy as you want. Did you know that Americans use enough paper towels at home per year to go around the world 20 times JUST to soak up bacon grease? With the WowBacon cooker you eliminate the need to use paper towels ever again. We do agree that we have an old vidoe and are working to create a new one.
    Please post this so we can have a balanced debate on the art of cooking bacon.

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