Last Sunday a really nasty wind storm blew through Pittsburgh knocking down trees and power lines. The little suburb that I live in called Bellevue was one of the hardest hit. My power went out around 9pm Sunday night and has not turned back on since. I called Duquesne Light and they told me that my power should be back on no later than Friday evening.

Thankfully I have a gas stove and hot water heater so I can still take a hot shower and cook hot meals. If it wasn’t for my iPhone I would have no outside communication when I was at home. It’s nice to be able to still check email and twitter to pass the time. I take my computer and iPhone to work every day to recharge them for the next night. I feel like a geek in the dark ages or a nomad looking for power to recharge my devices.

I hope to still update this blog when I find internet in the evenings. Also I would like to report that I cannot cook bacon in the dark. It’s impossible since I don’t have a cold cellar to keep it in or a light that can light my whole kitchen (cooking while holding a flash light is hard work).

If you have any ideas on how the pass the time without power please share them.

Update: My power is now back on!

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4 Responses to I can’t cook bacon in the dark

  1. todd says:

    was the Live Worship Shop damaged?

  2. Dug says:

    Was the Live Worship Shop dead also.Lets all join hands and pray together. Dearly beloved…………

  3. Jason Mosley says:

    I wish the sign said Live Shop Bacon

    I think if I ever run for Mayor of Bellevue that I will be what I run on.

  4. Well some of us in Ohio still don’t have the elec! :-(

    Any ideas from the forum on how to occupy myself in a dark room without water? Wait. Never mind….

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