When I found the Go Plate, for the first 30 seconds I was like, “Wow, that’s a good idea”! Then I looked at the photos of the product a little closer. How are you supposed to drink your beverage and hold the plate at the same time? If you did all your food would fall out. This seems to only be good for people that drink beer through a straw.

Now I know what your thinking, “Mosley, couldn’t you just take the plate off when you want to drink?” Sure, but that sounds like a lot of trouble. I would rather sit my drink down somewhere. Why add extra work for myself?

Here is my last beef with this thing, it’s too small. When I eat at a cookout I need a bigger plate, not a smaller one. It looks like you could barely fit a bacon burger, and few different kinds of potato salad (every cookout usually ends up with five different versions of this salad). I need a plate that can fit everything in one trip.

Since we are talking about cookouts, feel free to share your favorite bacon cookout recipes via comments.

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11 Responses to The Go Plate: almost a good idea

  1. Conall says:

    Furthermore, I’d be worried about the kind of “full hand” grip you’d need on the beer with all the extra weight….clearly this will make the beer get warm way too quickly. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have hot food on the plate adding to the warmth.


  2. todd says:

    i can see this being useful for efficiently getting from the cooler to the grill to the picnic table without spilling anything.

  3. Jason Mosley says:

    Both are really good points…

    Conall, I didnt think of that… your right that would get pretty heavy.

    Todd, I see the point but you can to that with a regular plate with some practice.

  4. Liam Dempsey says:

    Hey Mr Bacon Pants,

    The editors of chickenmonkeydog.com are fans of your blog, and we wanted to let you know that we’ve taken the time to let our readers know about you too. Come check out what we’ve said.




  5. Alexa says:

    Since I won’t have internet tomorrow, Happy Bacon Day!

  6. Tate Farmer says:

    I’m guessing you have never used one of our plates… also the same plate fits on bottles, can and cups. We were on “The Today Show” just a few weeks ago and sales are doing great. No hard feelings, but before having such negativity towards something you have never used and experienced… take a minute and think of how caterers use this product and how much money they save by not having to set up so many tables and chairs. Hope you come around and see that we are a very respectable company and don’t knock it till you try it…

  7. […] was a bad idea, the Go Plate. I wrote a post about what I thought about the product and why I thought it was a bad idea. The two major reasons were, you could not drink your beverage while using it and it was two […]

  8. BeerWiser says:

    I tried this product made my beer warm and food would get all over my drink. However I did find A better solution to Drink Dilemma Drinks stay cooler longer just a all around better idea and has Other uses also check it out at http://www.TheSandStand.com makes it easy to comfortably enjoy your Favorite food and drinks when you’re entertaining outdoors. it’s The only portable, height Adjustable beverage holder of its kind it’s Like a Third Hand with BRAINS

  9. Michael says:

    Check out the DRINK N PLATE. If there ever was a product that worked beautifully, this is it! It’s comfortable, easy to use, etc.

  10. Megan says:

    How long are you people taking to eat if you’re worried about your beer getting warm. They have these cool things called beer cozys (I know I’m being all sarcastic now), but in all seriousness, you could finish your beer, eat, and then get a fresh one when you’re done. Or get a snazzy beer holster for your belt. Prob solved.

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