It seems the more technology advances, the more we become dependent on it. I am no exception. Just the other day I was thinking, “If I was about to lose everything (not people but tangible goods) and could only save five things, what would they be”? Well, here is the list I came up with.

Macbook – Without my computer I would not be able to make a living, this would be the first thing I would grab. It has most of my information and software I use on a daily basis.

Smart Phone (Centro) – We live in a world where it’s important to always be connected. On days I leave my phone at home, I feel naked and lost all day. Once you get a smart phone you never want to go back to a normal one. If you haven’t made the plunge yet, don’t. It’s like a drug; you just keep checking your email and twitter every second of the day.

Wii – I would grab this because sometimes you just need to unwind from a rough day and play some Mario Galaxy. I don’t know if I would want to live in a world without Mario.

Sirius Radio – Terrestrial radio sucks compared to satellite radio. Sirius actually plays new music and there is a station dedicated to indie/college rock. Even the News/Sports talk radio is better. My radio was out of commission for a few weeks and I was losing my mind listening to the local stations. I need my Sirius.

Dodge Neon – Okay, before you make fun of me about my car I would just like to say that they were the only dealership in Pittsburgh that would sell me a car. It’s not the car I want, but it was the only thing I could get at the time. The reason I would take it is because without it everything would be more difficult. My car is the largest piece of technology I own.

Feel free to share some of technology you couldn’t live without and the reasons why. I am really interested in what in people say.

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13 Responses to Five pieces of technology I could not live without

  1. Beth says:

    The FLOC!

    I think your car is the second biggest piece of technology you own, after that huge monitor you have now.


  2. Jason Mosley says:

    Long live the FLOC!

    Yes my monitor is bigger then my TV, but not my car! 😉

    (wannabe nurd)

  3. Dug says:

    OK so I Goggled FLOC and can’t find like this giant monitor thing man.What the FLOC is it.
    I would need a food replicator,
    cell phone,transporter,Phaser and a GPS.

  4. Beth says:

    Haha! The FLOC is a facebook group for Fans of Left of Center, which is the hippest station on Sirius satellite radio.

    I don’t know what a food replicator is, but it sounds useful. I would pick my cell phone (EnV), computer (crappy laptop), iPod (Touch), air conditioner, and refrigerator.

  5. beth says:

    ahhhhh! Creepy! Big brother is watching me!

  6. Dug says:

    I noticed that

  7. Jason Mosley says:

    I think China is messing with my comments! Damn Commies!!

  8. Matt G says:

    My parents got me a GPS for christmas, and at the time I felt that I would never use it.

    Now though, I practically can’t even get to work anymore w/out it.

    It’s made me dumb and i’m entirely dependant on it.

    I also like my IPOD alot. Especially now that I can download apps for it. It’s probably the sexiest thing I own.. after my face of course.

  9. Emily says:

    Oh you have room to talk about Communists Mosley! Censoring my comments on here! 😛

  10. todd says:

    what does this have to do with bacon?

  11. Jason Mosley says:

    Its too deep for you to understand todd… 😉

  12. Sharon says:

    I dunno…Im not sure if I would consider the car an electronic piece of equipment…but it does have electronic parts :) So what would your 6th piece be if you took out the car? BTW- That BLT sandwich looks like the nicest one I’d ever seen…The bacon is perfectly crisp..and you can see the mayo…yum Sharon

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