If you’re a fan of bacon chances are you watch Food Network. My favorite show is “Good Eats” since Alton Brown shows you how easy it is to make good food. Plus, the nerd in me loves it when he talks about the science of making food.

On one of the shows Alton made Scrap Iron Chef’s Bacon, you can view the recipe here. This is something I always wanted to do, make my own MrBaconpants bacon (not sure what flavor it would be yet). Below is the show broken up into two videos.

Let me know what your favorite Good Eats episode is or your favorite food related show.

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4 Responses to Scrap Iron Chef’s Bacon with Alton Brown

  1. Dug says:

    Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations is good also.He,s more about the people and place and Alton is all about the food.Andrew Zimmern,now that guy will gross you out.

  2. Dug says:

    You got to try Wilted salad.Greens,onions,bacon and then pour on the hot grease.Some add vinegar and sugar.
    Both are good,but real bacon lovers just use the hot drippings

  3. Mosley says:

    I love Anthony Bourdain, I would have to say thats my second favorite show.

  4. […] Alton Brown is one of my favorite food network foodies and this clip reinforces that. The man respects good bacon and I can respect that. […]

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