Back in 2002 the popular men’s magazine FHM published a graphic that showed 37.5 pieces of bacon (112 grams of fat), equaled one pint of Ben and Jerry’s peanut butter cup ice cream. To most people this was not a big deal and the just chuckled about it. To a bacon lover this is ammo in the fight to prove that eating bacon is a good choice.

Ever since I started my blog people have been saying to me, “You better check your cholesterol” or “You’re going to get a heart attack”!

I politely tell them I have weighed the risks, and feel that bacon consumption is worth the possible effect on my health down the road. For most people this is enough, but a few will still push the issue. Well with the information found in the graphic above I can say, “Do you eat ice cream”? When they say yes I will inform them that eating a pint of ice cream has the same amount of fat at 37.5 pieces of bacon.

It would take me about 2 weeks (if I ate about 2-3 pieces every day) to eat that much bacon. I am sure my body can process that just fine. But if they ate that ice cream in one sitting I am sure that would do more damage (I don’t know for sure since I am not a doctor).

People who insist on telling bacon lovers that bacon is not “healthy”, need to take a second look at the foods they eat. I am sure we all have something we enjoy that could be bad for us. My food is bacon (and the occasional pint of ice cream)… what’s yours?

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7 Responses to Eating Bacon is Healthier than Eating Ice Cream

  1. Conall says:

    This is exactly the kind of good news I need to hear on a Monday morning. I don’t like eating much ice-cream, so I’ll just count every pint I would have eaten as a free pass to enjoy 37.5 piece of bacon guilt free. Don’t worry, after I work through all the guilt-free bacon I’ll just continue with the “guilty” bacon.

    Pass me some more bacon!

  2. Sweet I believe it – I am not much of an ice cream lover myself. And what’s up with those tiny Ben & Jerry’s shooter at the grocery store? Have you seen them- they are tiny now and expensive- they are even a full pint.. ridiculous.

  3. Jason Mosley says:

    What is up with that…. who do they think that are, ice cream gods?

    I like ice cream and bacon so I am excited to try and make bacon ice cream.

    I wonder what would happen if I put 37.5 piece of bacon in one point of ice cream?

    Instant death or fountain of youth? I will have to try it and find out

  4. Dug says:

    Try Making some waffles with bacon in the batter, then eat it with a scoop of ice cream.Goooooood

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