A few weeks ago I told you about a company that was playing around with the idea of selling chocolate-covered bacon. Well today I am going to tell you about a company that is actually selling it in their store. The store is named Marini’s Candies and they are located in Santa Cruz. The picture above is a photo of it in their display case.

I would like to thank Benjamin Thomas for bringing this Serious Eats story to my attention. Rumor has it there is a store in Pittsburgh that is selling this too. If you live in the Burgh and know where let me know ASAP.

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8 Responses to Chocolate-Covered Bacon is now for Sale

  1. Emily says:

    The chocolate shop by my work in the Strip has the bacon chocolate bars…maybe they have these too? I can check next week when I go out to get my chai tea latte on my break.

  2. tessa says:

    chocolate covered bacon???
    how does it taste?

  3. Lonigro says:

    No offense or any thing but that dose not sound to good…But i must say id have to try it lol.

  4. Jason Mosley says:

    Lonigro, What are your talking about it would be amazing!!! I am offend. 😉

  5. Ron Wiebe says:


    Chocolate covered bacon? To each his own I guess … I just can’t wrap my head around that flavor. I love chocolate…I like bacon – just not on the same plate. But, you know what – I’ll try anything once. If I ever see it in my part of the world – who knows – I may just try it and like it. Kind of the same way I got to love cottage cheese perogies and lemon-lime koolaid. Try it!


  6. The KDKA morning news team got a gift basket from “A Taste of Chocolate” that had the chocolate covered bacon and they all tried it. It was pretty funny. I put the link above, but it’s: http://pod08.prospero.com/n/blogs/blog.aspx?nav=main&webtag=KDKA_Morning&entry=187

  7. Heather says:

    Friends of mine told me that chocolate covered bacon is the kind of culinary experience that will change one’s life forever. I must have some now.

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