Heather from Bacon Unwrapped is writing a book about bacon and she is asking the bacon nation to answer six questions. If she likes what you have to say, you may make it into the book. Here are the questions and my answers:

1. Do you have a favorite restaurant (diner, hamburger joint, etc) where you like to eat because of the bacon? If so, tell me all about it.
My favorite place to eat bacon would have to be Fat Heads. It’s located in Pittsburgh’s South Side. They have a great selection of beer and their food is out of this world. I usually get the Bacon Cheeseburger, which is about the size of my head. It’s loaded with mayo, lettuce, a thick slice of tomato, and four rashers of crispy bacon. If I am really in the bacon mood I will also get an order of bacon cheese fries. There is nothing better than drinking an IPA and munching on a Bacon Cheeseburger.

2. Do you have any memorable stories that involve bacon?
The most memorable story I can think of off the top of my head is the time I got the Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger in Las Vegas. In the Mirage Hotel there is a restaurant called the Burger Bar. Every place in Vegas has a gimmick, this one’s happens to be the fact that you construct your own burger. They give you choices of meat, bun, and toppings. On the list of toppings were 4 different kinds of bacon, apple wood, pepper, cinnamon, and jalapeño. So I got all four kinds (16 strips of bacon) on a burger with provolone cheese, the waiter gave me a funny look. Let me just say it was amazing, with every bite I got a taste of something different. I will never forget that burger.

3. Other than eating a piece of bacon on its own, what is your favorite way to eat bacon?
My favorite way to eat bacon is what I call a sea pig. Sea pig is when you wrap bacon around a scallop or shrimp. For some reason bacon makes seafood taste amazing!

4. What is the most unusual use for bacon that you’ve ever encountered?
I would have to say the bacon mints were unusual. I like bacon but I never would of thought to freshen my breath with it.

5. Do you have a really good recipe involving bacon that you are willing to share?
When I was at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival I met a chef that appreciates bacon as much as I do. His name is Lance Avery; he is the Corporate Executive Chef for Sara Lee. Lance created a Maple-Bacon and Pumpkin Cheesecake that was out of this world. After taking only one bite I ran up to him and said, “You have to give me this recipe, the world must know how good this is”. He gladly said yes, so without anymore rambling here is the recipe.

6. And if you have a bacon-related story that you think is really great but just doesn’t fit into one of the previous categories, feel free to share!
Another great moment in bacon I witnessed was the Bacon Eating Contest at the 1st Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. It was the best part of the event. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. The smell of bacon, the roaring crowds (ohhhh bacon!), and the steady (some not so steady) eyes of the bacon gladiators waiting to devour 3lbs of (cooked) bacon. It was a sight to see, I can’t wait till next year. Click here to check out the video of it.

I hope I make it into the book. If you would like to be in the book, just leave a comment on Heather’s blog post located here.

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5 Responses to Bacon Unwrapped is a writing book

  1. Alyssum says:

    Another person with multiple blogs… anyways, the bacon mint seems like a new flavor. Can place mushroom and bacon together onto a stick of some sort and oven them~~~ And would this site of yours be interested in link exchange too?

  2. Jason Mosley says:

    Bacon on a Mushroom? That does sound good, I might have to try that.

    What are the names of your other blogs?

  3. Alyssum says:

    I only have one~ Reflections it is called.

  4. justagirl says:

    I love your blog, and I love the layout. I found you on blogcatalog, please come by and say hi.

    I am biased, my favorite bacon is the cheap kind from HEB (yes I am in texas) that I fry in my own pan, till its almost burnt…. lol

  5. Jason Mosley says:

    I checked out both of your sites and I would have to say I like them! Remember adding bacon to your blog will make it better. 😉

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