A reliable source in the bacon community wanted me to tell you that the #14 at Arby’s is not a good representation of bacon. Before you run out to your local Arby’s to see what the #14 is I will tell you, it’s the Chicken Bacon and Swiss. His biggest complaint was about the bacon and sadly I had to agree with him.

For some reason fast food companies (not just Arby’s) fail when it comes to making bacon. They think that if they put a chewy piece of jerky on a sandwich and call it bacon, we will be happy. This is not that case. When a bacon lover wants bacon on a sandwich, they want pork belly cooked to crispy perfection.

A lot of people blame it on the microwave. They say that fast food places don’t have the equipment or the time to cook it fresh. I tell them that’s a poor excuse, since I have had microwaved bacon that tasted good and not like the crap they serve.

This is the last straw, I am no longer eating fast food bacon. If I see a fast food chain working to make their bacon better I may give it a try again. So if you feel your bacon us up to the challenge let me know and I will give it a taste test.

Remember you’re making bacon for people not dogs. Humans do not like bacon that taste and/or feels more like rawhide.

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14 Responses to Arby’s Chicken Bacon and Swiss Sandwich: FAIL

  1. Alyssum says:

    Hey I just realized this blog of yours is all about bacon~ XD

    So far I don’t think there is a fast food restaurant that makes good bacons… the bacons they make are either over-baked/microwaved… not as succulent as the homemade ones.

    Ah… fast food… too high in calories. >_>

  2. Jason Mosley says:

    Well thats not all its about, but I would say I do talk about it 75% of the time. Since this is a personal blog I toss in other stuff I like too.

    Yeah I try to stay away from fast food for that reason.

  3. Beth says:

    yeah mosley, you better watch your calories, you don’t want to break into the 140’s. 😉

  4. Jason Mosley says:

    I don’t want to lose my Jack Skeleton physique!

  5. dcr says:

    Thank you for bringing this relevant issue to the forefront of our thoughts. It is a national tragedy that fast food joints do not properly prepare bacon!

    Sadly, some people believe that bacon is supposed to be that way, and that crispy bacon is overcooked.

  6. Daniel says:

    NOOOO! This is probably my favorite thing to get at Arby’s. Sure fast food bacon will never come close to fresh bacon, but as far as fast food bacon goes arbys is microwaving some of the best out there. I can always see a nice layer of seasoning on the edges and its almost never too dry or overcooked.

  7. Jason Mosley says:

    Sorry Daniel but the “reliable source” is never wrong. If he says its bad, its bad.

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  9. I once ordered a bacon cheeseburger at Burger King. This was circa 1996, so things may have changed since then. I returned to the counter to point out that they had left off the bacon, but the service rep pointed out that the bacon was there after all, hiding among the lettuce leaves. It was as if someone had draped a red-painted noodle over my burger. I ate my faux-bacon burger in silence and transferred my allegiance to Carl’s Jr. thereafter.

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  12. Chad says:

    I have to agree I have tried the #14 and it is terrible bacon. I want that bacon like my mom made for the BLT’s! Nice and crispy! As a matter of fact I think Arby’s should contact my mother and gets some lessons on how to correctly make bacon for a sandwich.

  13. Laura McGinnis says:

    I used to work at Arby’s. They make a bunch of bacon at about 7am and when it is done they put it in a warmer where it sits for the rest of the day. This is the bacon that they then put on your sandwich hours later.

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