For some unknown reason, I just found out about Celebrity Foods Canned Bacon a few days ago. I was sad to find out that it hasn’t been on store shelves for over a decade. Doing a quick search on Google found, a site dedicated to preserving the idea of bacon from a can.

After checking out the site, I found that they recently had a special announcement. There is a new can of bacon for sale under the name of Yoder’s Canned Bacon. The main difference between the two is Celebrity Foods bacon was uncooked and Yoder’s bacon is precooked. I feel this makes it the ultimate camping and survival food. The new bacon is a little pricey, 109.95 for a case of 12 cans.

If you live in the Pittsburgh area and want to split a case to save money let me know. I really want to try this stuff. I also just found a nice post from Accordion Guy about it, he really goes into detail.

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7 Responses to Yoder’s Canned Bacon

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  2. Richard says:

    I found canned bacon at Ready Depot ( ) .

    I’ll bet they would sell you half a case if you emailed them.

    They also carry canned butter , canned hamburger , canned meats , canned cheese , canned berries , etc… WHo doesnt like bacon?

  3. Mark says:

    you can buy it by the single can there, jsut added to their products, you can get their flier or just search it on teh site

  4. BeoPig says:

    CMMG Tactical Bacon is better, and you can buy by the can.

  5. Derp says:

    Its the same bacon with another sticker fool

  6. Use to buy Celebrity at Kmart all the time really cheap. This has been years ago. Didn’t see it last time I looked. Really good! Wish I could find again.

  7. Donnakennedy55 says:

     Just tried it yesterday…and it was delicious. Very meaty…very tasty…and that little can was amazingly packed tight with the best bacon.

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