Near the beginning of the year I finally got my greasy hands on a Nintendo Wii. So far I would say it’s been a fun and enjoyable investment. Since I am what they call a “casual gamer”, it was a match made in heaven. Here is a short list of the games I have been playing.

Wii Games:
Mario Galaxy – I am a big fan of Mario games and this is by far the best I have played on any of the Nintendo systems. It took me back to when I first played Mario 64 and was wowed by the 3D. This time Mario wowed me with is intuitive game play with the Wiimote.
Boom Blox – I read about this game in Wired Magazine when I was at the airport coming back from Philly. The very next week I ran out and bought it and have been happy with it ever since. It’s a great party game, since it takes seconds to learn how to play.
Smash Brothers – I don’t own this game but just about everyone I know does. Every time I play it, it’s a blast. If I ever see it cheap at Gamestop I will pick it up.

Virtual Console/Wii Ware:
Bubble Bobble (VC) – This is a classic that never gets old. When I need to mellow out this is the game I play. It’s best to play this game with a friend; since I hear that the last boss is impossible (I have yet to make it to the last level).
Dr. Mario RX – This game drives me crazy, but I still love it. If I feel like hating myself and yelling at the TV this is the game I play. It’s one of the most challenging Tetris clones ever made.
Toki Tori – I love a good puzzle game and after reading a few reviews I picked Toki Tori. So far it’s been an enjoyable game to play, but it’s not as challenging as I hoped it would be. But after playing Dr Mario for a few hours this is a good game to unwind to, since I can actually beat this game.

So those are the six Wii games I play the most. Let me know what yours are via comment or email.

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20 Responses to Six games I obsessively play on my Nintendo Wii

  1. My sons love Super Smash Brothers. I bowled for the first time the other night and I am pretty good at wii-nie bowling. Much better then real life bowling.

  2. Emily says:

    I dunno, these Wii games just make me want to actually play tennis and bowl and not play them on tv.

  3. Donizete says:

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  4. Andy says:

    Bubble Bobble… That’s a blast from the past ain’t it. I remember playing that years ago. I can’t remeber exactly what the game was like now, all I remember is that is was really addictive. Think i’m going to see if there is any footage of it on youtube now. It’s bugging me.


  5. Matt G says:

    did i tell you i beat bubble bobble the other night?
    only took me a few months to beat the last boss

    i hate him

    who are all these people you know w/ smash brothers? I have one wii friend, and it’s you.

  6. Jason Mosley says:

    What’s funny is I played smash brothers with two different people on the same day. It seemed everywhere I went that day people were playing it.

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  8. franco says:

    i can see how all these games can get addicting. my favorite Wii games are metroid just becuase of the old school days. i think i sat in my room for about 2 weeks before i beat the game for regular nintendo! Another Wii game that i absolutely love is called Mario Smash Brothers. You can play with each character for at least an hour before you get tired of it! there are all these moves like wrestlers and super hereos with the best nintendo charcters!

  9. Robert says:

    Yep Smash Brothers is hell of a game! like to punch each other in the face! especially my brother!

  10. Josh says:

    Thats funny Robert. My favorite game is smash bro’s. Its cool how you get to punch and wrestle if you haven’t played smash bro’s go rent it now…

  11. Gab says:

    I love the fact that you are also a fanatic of mario galaxy, such a cool wii game!

  12. Tom says:

    Mario Galaxy is such a great game, I love my Wii, I couldnt live without it!

  13. Wayne says:

    Mario galaxy is awesome :)

  14. Dave says:

    I remember that me and my friends used to play smash brothers on the game cube =). That was a long time ago, but the game was one of the best I have ever played in my whole life.. Soo much fun! I would really like to try it on the wii.. It would be cool to see how 4 people get into a fiery fight in the living room.. =)


  15. Franklin says:

    Are you kidding me? How did you miss the Wii fit? Without that I’d probably be an extra 10 lbs heavier. This way I can truly enjoy the holiday season eating way more than I should. My wife put on a little extra over the past year, but the Wii has helped eliminate some of that thanks to the Wii fit. Keep this in mind people!

  16. Kelly says:

    I knew that Smash brothers was gonna be on the list. Although I’m with Franklin, I think the Wii Fit should be on the list. Us stay at home moms that don’t have anything better to do during the day love doing some workouts with the Wii!

  17. I did not know that the wii had work out games, that is something to look into.

  18. Logger says:

    I can’t believe how much the Wii has transformed the way we play games, and how families play games. My parents in their day would NEVER touch a controller of any type, or play any computer games. The Wii is another story though, the whole family got together and loved the Wii. Nice job Nintendo.

  19. Wusthof says:

    My girlfriend hated that I played video games. That was until I bought her a Wii, now she loves it and really can’t get enough of it. It’s awesome how the Wii has brought ‘non-gamers’ to gamers.

  20. bodydetox says:

    i enjoy playing on the Nintendo Wii. it is very responsive and it has more features than some other game consoles.

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