Last week I got an interesting email from a reader that has an idea for bacon perfume. If you seen the Taco Bell commercial for the Bacon Club Chalupa you have a good understanding of the idea.

Chris writes:

I have this idea about some uses for bacon, and I don’t know if it’s been covered on your site. I thought after cooking a package of thick sliced bacon (it’s got to be the thick stuff) then taking the drippings and bottling as a cologne or perfume. The downside would be that it would need to be kept warm all of the time. If I wasn’t married, and a woman walked by me wearing a bacon perfume, I’d follow her anywhere.

I would just like to point out that they could probably just use the scent they use for the Bacon Scented Tuxedo. That way you don’t have to take the time cooking the bacon or keeping the scent warm.

Maybe a better idea would be for Tide to come out with bacon scented laundry detergent, so everything you wear would smell as good as bacon.

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17 Responses to Bacon Scented Perfume for Women

  1. Taco Bell had bacon tacos years ago and I loved them!!! YaY- they’re back- too bad I am not a stoner or I would have an excuse to camp out at Taco Bell.

  2. Mosley says:

    Haha… I guess they have been out for a while, but I have yet to have one.

  3. Rose says:

    Not a perfume for Miss Piggy.

  4. OOOOH! so said ROSE, not a perfume for miss Piggy…!

    But Bacon club chalupa is favorite and hummy !!! hmmm!

    Chris write well about the drippings and bottling as a cologne or perfume. Thanks chris.

  5. What a great branding statement…

  6. Bobby says:

    Lol! I never have thought of this “Bacon scented perfume”. Maybe later this evening I’m going to conduct a little experiment about this, since I’m into Homemade Perfumes


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  12. Ms. Baconpants says:

    My boyfriend said that he would totally drool over a woman with bacon-scented perfume…where can I get this? LOL…I want to “spice” things up.

  13. Flyer416kate says:

    This has already been done by fargginay google “bacon” & “fargginay” and it comes up

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  15. Very nice. Just won’t use it because all main icons are the same… I can’t tell which is game and which is friends for example. Still, nice work!

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